Why I am Running

I want to make our corner of Sussex County a place where people have the opportunity to succeed, families live safely and comfortably, and businesses prosper. To get there, we need effective leadership that emphasizes the needs and concerns of constituents every day—not just in election years—and cares about results.

I care. My wife Sandy and I have lived here for 40 years, raising four sons in Milton. I treasure this area and its citizens. But I am concerned not enough has been done in recent years to preserve and enhance our way of life. There are not enough good paying jobs, infrastructure has fallen behind, access to quality healthcare is increasingly difficult, and paying for post-secondary education is overly burdensome. I know many of you have similar concerns—you are tired of sitting in traffic jams year-round, are worried about having clean water to drink, and want to make sure your kids are safe in school. You can count on me to truly listen and take action.

I can do this. I spent more than 30 years working every day with Democrats and Republicans to improve the lives of Sussex County residents—from obtaining funding for essential first responder services such as paramedics and additional State Police resources, to securing financing for critical wastewater infrastructure projects and open space preservation. I worked hard to ensure balanced budgets—even during the Great Recession, we kept the County’s budget balanced without raising taxes or laying off employees, unlike other major Delaware governments. I will leverage this experience to ensure a stable long-term future for the Sixth District.

While our region faces many challenges, our unique community has great potential. It is time to elect a State Senator for the 6th District with not only the experience, but also the integrity and earned respect to take a leading role in the upper chamber.

Join our campaign. Tell your friends. Vote for Dave Baker this November!

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