My Priorities


23% of Delaware residents live in Sussex County. But Sussex County received only 9% of the State budget for major road improvement projects in FY 2018
  • Roads. Traffic is no longer just a seasonal problem in Sussex County – and it is only getting worse as the population continues to grow at a rapid pace. Yet despite this obvious and growing problem, Sussex County receives a lower proportion of funding for road projects than its upstate counterparts. In fact, even though 23% of the State’s population resides in Sussex County, the County received only 9% of the State’s Dept. of Transportation Capital Transportation Budget for major road improvement projects in Fiscal Year 2018. This figure does not even take into consideration the tremendous growth in eastern Sussex County, particularly in Senate District 6 where the number of registered voters has risen 27% in just under six years. As State Senator, I will work to balance budget inequities and obtain the funds needed to improve Sussex County’s roads NOW!
  • Water and Wastewater. As former Finance Director and County Administrator for Sussex County, I have a unique set of skills, having overseen multiple major infrastructure projects. I was responsible for funding the initiative which resulted in nearly $500 million for water and wastewater infrastructure projects here in Sussex County.


  • Clean Water. Our water resources are precious and require responsible stewardship. As State Senator, I will work to protect our drinking water by ensuring sufficient funds are provided for the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) to monitor pollution sources and enforce clean water laws. I will also focus on improving state and county wastewater infrastructure. I worked hard over many years as Sussex County Administrator and Finance Director on projects to preserve the quality of our water, including obtaining funding and financing for numerous sewer projects, from Ellendale to Fenwick Island, and will continue to do so as Senator.
  • Open Space/Farmland Preservation. Like many, I treasure the open spaces our county provides. As State Senator, I will work to ensure consistent funding to secure and preserve open space and agricultural lands for future generations.
  • Renewable Energy. I will support investment and incentive plans to increase access and accelerate adoption of clean energy solutions.


  • Increased Access to Medical Care. Waiting for weeks or months to see a doctor is a serious problem faced by many of us in this region, and for new residents that wait time could be as long as a year or more. I will work on innovative long-term solutions to encourage medical professionals to come to Delaware and remain here, such as establishing downstate residency programs, an in-state medical school, new training options for medical professionals, and creating incentives for doctors to establish practices in Delaware.
  • Fight the Opioid Epidemic. Far too many have felt the impact of the opioid epidemic. I will work to increase funding for prevention, education, and rehabilitation services to battle the disease of addiction.

Resilient Workforce

  • Invest in Job Training Programs. Enhance current job training programs at Delaware Technical Community College, such as the Airframe Mechanics Program which I helped establish, ensuring our workforce is prepared for good paying jobs of the future.
  • Broadband Internet. Ensure access to broadband internet to attract and retain businesses.
  • Minimum Wage. I support increases in the minimum wage!

Sustainable Budget

Delaware’s future depends on maintaining a thoughtful and sustainable budget. As Sussex County Finance Director and County Administrator, I oversaw a Balanced Budget for 33 years, including 15 consecutive surpluses as Finance Director and a Bond Rating Increase during the Great Recession. I will leverage my decades of financial and budgeting experience to ensure Delaware’s budget addresses the priorities of citizens in both the near–and long-term. You can count on me to:

  • Perform a bottom-up review of state expenditures to reduce costs where appropriate.
  • Closely review revenues to promote fairness and look for new growth opportunities.
  • Ensure the state maintains a workable rainy day fund to offset revenue and expenditure fluctuations.

Tax Breaks for the Middle Class

Advancing our middle class is a top priority. While establishing a balanced and sustainable budget, I will also work to:

  • Broaden the state tax deduction for healthcare expenses.
  • Increase tax deductions for education costs, such as:
    • Tax breaks for student loan interest.
    • State tax deduction for 529 College Savings Plan contributions.
    • Tax breaks allowing Delaware residents to deduct a percentage of college or trade school tuition costs for 10 years after graduation.
    • Tax breaks for Pre-K expenses.

Our Schools

I firmly believe that providing affordable and accessible education for all is one of the most pressing issues for our government today. I have proved my support for teachers and families in our community over the years, and will continue to work to ensure they have the resources necessary to prepare our next generation for the challenges ahead, including:

  • Equitable distribution of financial assistance to low-income families in Sussex County for Pre-K expenses.
  • Increased access to mental health services and drug prevention education for all students.
  • Funding for school safety initiatives.
  • Additional guidance and career counseling in public schools to help students identify career opportunities in high demand.

Equal Rights Under the Law for All

I firmly believe all Delawareans, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, language, age, ability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or national origin must be treated the same under the law.

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